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Welcome to First Call Physio

ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapists are the experts in the assessment and treatment of your animal. We treat a variety of animals the most common are horses, dogs and cats however some physiotherapists do treat rabbits, wild cats in captivity and racing camels. Each Veterinary physiotherapist has their own area of speciality.

First Call Physio is directed by Fiona Dove Bsc hons Msc MCSP ACPAT HPC Reg. First Call Physio treats equines, canines and felines and the humans that own them. Fiona has a specialist interest in treating the horse and rider together and regularly runs joint horse and rider assessment clinics.

Based in Warwickshire and the surrounds we provide specialist assessment, treatment and support to you and your animal in your own home or training yard.

After completion of the MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy course in 2010 Fiona worked within the leading veterinary physiotherapy practice in Wales, with world class Farrier's, FEI veterinary surgeons and canine hydro therapists.

 Following a short break to start a family Fiona is now back collaborating with fellow ACPAT chartered physiotherapists providing excellent care, education and support to the animals and their owners in Warwickshire and the surrounds. Fiona also mentors students working towards their MSc in Veterinary physiotherapy.

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Veterinary Consent

Referrals may be from your veterinary surgeon or by direct contact from yourself. Consent to treat your animal will be obtained from your veterinary surgeon prior to any new assessment or treatment. It is a legal requirement to have consent for anyone to treat an animal in the UK under the veterinary referrals act 1964. This legislation has been brought about in order to protect the welfare of your animals from unqualified practitioners. This also ensures we work closely with Veterinary Surgeons to provide a team approach to maximise your animal's recovery.

First Call Physio 07861 258351

First Call Physio | Fiona Dove: 07861 258351 | Jonathan Dove: 07799 654514
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