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First Call Physio was set up following a passion for the career after an encounter with a veterinary physiotherapist whilst competing at the 1998 world equestrian games in Rome. The physiotherapist made such a difference to my performance I decided to pursue the career immediately. In 2005 I graduated with a first class honours degree from Coventry University and met my now husband who also shares my enthusiasm for the profession.

We both took separate routes following graduation, Joe followed the out -patient and sports injury side and I participated in the general rotations to gain experience in neurology and respiratory before specialising in musculoskeletal and later the upper quadrant. Following successful application on the veterinary physiotherapy course at the Royal Veterinary College in 2008 I embarked on the next chapter of my career progression. Following hours of endless anatomy revision and writing my thesis on mobilisations of the cervical spine of a horse I qualified in 2010. To celebrate Joe and I married three weeks later.

Fiona Dove & Joe Dove

Photograph courtesy of www.ponytales.co.uk
So not to be out done and support his keen thirst for new knowledge Joe embarked on his masters in 2009 in the human field of physiotherapy. It is with his specialist knowledge of the human spine and with my veterinary back ground we feel that First Call Physio really should be your First Call when looking for a complete rider and equine assessment and specifically tailored treatment for you and your horse.

We also offer specific tailored assessments and treatments for other sports such as hockey, climbing, running, cycling and badminton. We have professional presentation facilities to enable us to talk to your group or local club for a small fee. These facilities offer practical demonstrations and an interactive learning experience which will aid your performance. Watch this space for discipline specific equine and canine series due for autumn /winter 2011. In this next chapter we hope you and your animal are involved and you find sucsess and happiness in physiotherapy as we have.

First Call Physio 07861 258351

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